Topic outline

  • October 31st - FFRF Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) update - Newark RFC

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    About this event

    Andrew Wells from Arable Alliance and Barney Parker from Ashfield Farmed Environment Services will deliver an interactive, in-person workshop covering the following topics:

    • Overview of SFI 2023 – including background to the scheme and how it fits with existing environmental schemes.

    • SFI 2023 Options – Which options will work for you? What are the option requirements and their flexibility so that you can assess the potential financial benefits of using the most appropriate options on your farm.

    • SFI application process – a demonstration of the on line application process to enable you to confidently build up and submit a SFI application yourself.

    • Question and answer session

    • Future Local Events – SFI demonstration events are taking place over the next 12 months, the local CSF team will provide an update on future activities in your area

    This workshop will cover and expand on similar content to the online SFI webinars run in September 2023