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    Are you up-to-date with 2023 Cross Compliance for England?

    This module contains:

    • A webinar on livestock Cross Compliance (scroll down to view)
    • A video on 2023 Cross Compliance updates for England (scroll down to view)

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    In this webinar, farm advisor Ian Cairns from 5 Agri and Ad West from Livestock Information Service discuss ways to reduce livestock Cross Compliance breaches. Ian shares practical tips on how we can reduce the risk of breaches at farm level and improve compliance. Ad explains which key changes to expect around current services over the next few years, before concluding with a Q&A session.


    Join the Farming Advice service and Russell Graham, Cross Compliance lead at the Rural Payments Agency, for an update on how cross compliance rules will apply in its final year; 2023.

    Covering changes in how penalties are applied and the new approaches designed to work with farmers to support compliance, as well as the rules which do still apply (GAECs and SMRs).