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    How can regional farming support groups help you and how do you contact them?

    This module contains:

    • A video on farm support groups (scroll down to view)


    Presented by Sarah Starkey from Herefordshire Rural Hub, this video shares the geographic locations of farming support groups across the country, so that you can find those close to you.

    Sarah highlights a range of support available to both farmers and those with businesses in the rural community, including:

    • Financial aid and funding
    • Schemes and other opportunities
    • On farm visits
    • Administrative assistance
    • Medical advice for both physical and mental health
    • Social activities and community engagement

    This support is aimed at keeping the farm ‘standing’ through (1) financial, (2) physical and (3) mental health – each essential and equally as important, similar to the legs of a three legged milking stool!

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